10 Signs It’s Time To Get Tax Relief Help

Taxes can be overwhelming, complicated, and hard to decipher. Understanding your taxes sometimes seems impossible. You may have known that you owed taxes to the IRS, or you may have been shocked to discover that there was a problem. It’s easy to make a mistake when filing your taxes or figuring out what you owe to the IRS. When you make a mistake, no matter your intention, you can find yourself in serious trouble. That’s when you need tax relief help.

You may not know the details and rules about filing taxes or what remedies are available when you have a tax problem, but there are experts who do know exactly how to deal with issues related to taxes and the IRS. If you have found yourself in trouble with the IRS, you need someone who understands the system.


You’ve Received a Frightening Letter From the IRS

Getting a letter from the IRS can be scary, especially when it says you owe them money or you are being investigated for not paying your taxes properly. A tax relief professional can help explain the IRS jargon and allow you to understand exactly what is happening.

You will be able to face your tax problem with the confidence that comes from understanding the situation. Once you know exactly what you can expect, you’ll be able to relax and let go of that paralyzing fear.

You Owe Money to the IRS

If you have failed to pay all of your taxes over time, you may end up owing money to the IRS. The IRS has records telling them how much tax you owe, and you might have made a mistake on your tax return and forgotten to include some of your taxes.

If the IRS has come back to you to collect the money you owe, you may need the help of an expert who can walk you through your options. Sometimes it’s possible to cut down on the amount of tax you owe to the IRS or even have a tax bill eradicated.

You Cannot Afford to Pay Without Tax Relief Help

If you don’t have enough money to pay your tax bill, there may be options that can help you. Tax relief professionals can tell you if you qualify for programs that will forgive some or all of your tax debt and decrease the amount you owe.

You may not be able to find these tax relief programs on your own, but an expert will know how to find the right services for your individual needs.

You Didn’t File a Tax Return

If the IRS has informed you that you owe taxes because you didn’t file a return, you need to know your options when it comes to handling the matter and getting it resolved. You may need to find out if you should file a late return to attempt to work out a different plan. With help from people who know the system, you can determine the best way to move forward so the matter can be quickly and painlessly resolved.

You Have Accrued Penalties and Interest on Your Taxes

Sometimes people who owe taxes are shocked by the penalties and interest that rapidly accrue when the amount owed has gone unpaid. If you are overwhelmed by not only the amount you owe in taxes but by interest and fines you are suddenly responsible for, you need someone who can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Tax experts know how to start this process.

You Need More Time to Pay

If you think you can pay the taxes you owe if you are given more time, a tax professional may be able to work with the IRS to create a payment plan for you. It’s important to have someone on your side who understands your options and the payment process so you don’t end up paying more than necessary.

You Are Concerned About Losing Your Home or Property

When you owe money to the IRS, they can take steps to seize your assets and property. This can mean taking money from your bank accounts or even taking your home or other things that belong to you.

They will then sell those things to raise the money to pay your tax bill. Tax relief help will be able to stop these seizers and help you make a plan for the future that will help you keep those things that are important to you.

Your Wages Are Being Garnished

The IRS can take money directly out of your paycheck to put toward your tax debt. Unfortunately, for many people, this means that they do not have the money to pay bills or buy food and other resources that their families need.

If this is true in your situation, a tax relief professional can intervene on your behalf to stop the IRS from garnishing your wages. You and your tax relief expert can then work out a strategy for moving forward that will allow you to solve your IRS problem and continue to provide for your family.

You Have a Tax Lien on Your Property

When the IRS puts a lien on your property, your financial health is significantly diminished. You will be unable to easily sell your property and may not be eligible for loans and other financial programs or opportunities.

When you call a tax relief help professional, that person can help you find ways to have the lien on your property removed so that you can move ahead in meeting your financial goals and realizing your dreams.

You Don’t Understand What Is Happening

Any time you don’t understand what is happening with the IRS and your tax debt, a professional who knows about the IRS and the tax collection system can be crucially helpful in resolving the situation. You deserve to have a clear picture of why the IRS is contacting you, why they say you owe them money, and what your choices are when it comes to fighting, reducing, or paying the debt. The only way to truly know what you’re facing is to seek tax relief help specific to your situation.


If any of the above apply to you, it’s a good indication that you need a professional tax relief expert to help you navigate the confusing world of the IRS and put you on the road to financial recovery. These professionals know which resources are available to you, and they can advise you about programs you can apply to that will reduce or even clear your IRS debt.

Don’t try to solve your IRS problems alone. Reach out to someone who can help you. Call the trustworthy, knowledgable staff at Geaux Tax Resolution LLC. We will be supportive and friendly as we help you understand the specifics of your tax-related situation and work with you to find a way out of the difficulty you face. No matter what got you into tax trouble in the first place, you need a non-judgemental, competent team that is ready to help you.

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