7 Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing Tax Advisors

Taxes are a complicated issue, and it’s easy to get caught out. In fact, millions of Americans have tax debt or get audited every year, so you’re not alone if you are in trouble with the IRS. The key to resolving your situation is hiring the best tax advisors possible and working through your situation with them. They can help you resolve your current issue and set you up to prevent future problems.

To find the best specialists, you should go through potential firms’ websites and figure out what qualifications the advisors have, what issues they specialize in, and how they structure their tax resolution process. You can also look at some testimonials to figure out whether they are a good fit. Then, you should get in touch and book your initial consultation, during which you’ll find out more about the professionals who will help you.


1. What Qualifications Do the Advisors Have?

Naturally, you don’t want to work with an advisor who is underqualified and therefore doesn’t have the specialized knowledge you need. For this reason, you should read through the biographies you can find on a tax resolution firm’s website. At Geaux, our team leader Bryon has over 25 years of experience with taxes, and he has worked for the IRS in the past. As such, he is one of the most qualified people to take on cases related to tax debt or audits.

Our other team members are equally highly qualified, and nobody has less than five years’ experience in the field. What’s more, we regularly exchange ideas with other accountants, and we are members of professional organizations that keep us in the loop.

2. Do They Specialize in My Kind of Problem?

There are many types of tax problems, and they all require specific knowledge. For example, someone with a small business has much more complex accounts than an employee, so they will need an accountant who has the relevant skills and expertise to deal with their problems. Similarly, audits can quickly get complicated, especially if you have recently sold assets or your situation is otherwise more involved than the average person’s.

Before signing up with a tax resolution firm, double-check that they have handled cases similar to yours in the past. Does it say that they are tax debt specialists on the website? Is there any mention of audits, self-employment, or small businesses? If in doubt, you can give the firm a call to find out whether they are experts in the type of advice you need.

3. What Is the Process Like?

Every firm has a slightly different way of addressing your tax problems. Ideally, you should find out what the process will look like before you sign up. Here at Geaux Tax Resolution, we use a four-step plan to tackle all your issues with the IRS. To begin with, we will invite you for an initial consultation and discuss your problems. This involves compiling evidence and going through your past tax returns to figure out why you are being audited or why you have debt.

Then, we will develop a plan and get in touch with the IRS. This might involve protecting your assets while the resolution process is underway, so the IRS can’t start collecting the debt right away. We will negotiate with them throughout this time to come up with the best solution for everyone. Finally, our specialists will resolve your tax solution and figure out a way forward. You can now get the relief you need and start with a clean slate.

4. What Are the Likely Outcomes?

On a tax resolution firm’s website, you should be able to find out what solutions they offer you. Check that they will use the IRS debt forgiveness program to reduce or eliminate the amount you owe. Great tax specialists should be able to help you make an offer in compromise, suggest a more realistic installment plan, or file for “currently not collectible” status.

These options can all lighten your burden, either by reducing the total amount you have to pay or by spreading out and postponing your payments. While you are protected by these measures, the IRS can’t start any collection activities. That way, you will no longer have to worry that they might garnish your wages or take away your assets such as your home or car.

5. Were Previous Customers Happy with the Services?

A great way to find out more about tax advisors is to check out the testimonials. Many companies will list these on the website, so they should be easy to find. Alternatively, there might be some independent reviews available online.
Past customers have direct experience with the professionals in question, so they are the best source of information. If everyone states that the specialists are highly competent, easy to work with, and have provided them with great results, you are likely to have a similar experience.

6. Is the Service Personal?

Having good qualifications and specializing in the relevant field is important, but there are other qualities your tax specialist should have. If you’re in serious trouble with the IRS, you are currently in a vulnerable situation, and you might also feel stressed. That’s why you need to work with someone who has your best interests at heart and who will handle your situation tactfully.

The easiest way to find out whether an advisor offers a personalized, friendly service is to attend an initial consultation with them. During this first meeting, you can judge whether you’d like to work with this person for several months. You can also discover how smoothly communication works at the firm and how quickly they get back to you when you have a question or concern.

7. What Resources Are There?

The best tax resolution firms genuinely care about you and your needs, so they will help you before you even get in touch. Browse through their website carefully to find out what resources they offer you. Is there a newsletter that keeps customers up to date about tax laws? Are there articles and guides that can help you figure out your situation?

A firm that offers a great deal of free information on its website is likely to be more competent and caring than one with a very basic online presence. They have put time and effort into creating resources meant to help you out, so they will continue this high level of customer service when you work with them one-to-one.


Great tax advisors can help take the pressure off you and resolve a difficult situation with the IRS. To achieve the best result possible, you should try to find professionals who are highly qualified and experienced. What’s more, they should regularly work with the kind of issue you’re having, and they need to have a good reputation in the community.

Once you’ve found such an advisor, you should get in touch and book your initial consultation. They can have a look at your situation and figure out what the problem is, why you are in this situation, and what you can do to prevent it in the future. Call us today at Geaux Tax Resolution to meet with our specialists. We have decades of experience in tax resolution and will help you sort out your problem quickly and efficiently.

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