Offer in Compromise with the IRS Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

June 3, 2019

People used to prepare elevator speeches, or introductions that could be completed within the span of an elevator ride. Today, people do things a little differently. Trying to get current on delinquent tax debt can be stressful and confusing, so we wanted to explain to you what an offer in compromise with IRS means in 140 […]

What an Offer In Compromise with the IRS Means for You

May 27, 2019

Millions of Americans face billions of dollars of delinquent debt to the IRS. It can make opening the mail or answering your phone a stressful experience. Luckily, you can negotiate with the IRS with the help of a tax resolution professional. One such tax resolution method is an offer in compromise. Keep reading this comprehensive […]

Back Taxes | 6 Ways to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt

May 13, 2019

In 2017, the average delinquent taxpayer owed $51,992 in back taxes to the IRS. Luckily, the IRS writes off nearly $10 billion in delinquent tax debt every year. To benefit from this, keep reading to learn six ways to settle your IRS tax debt today. How to Settle Your Back Taxes Installment Agreement If you […]

Back Taxes | Can They Affect My Credit?

May 6, 2019

Two of the hardest parts of adulthood are maintaining a strong credit score and paying back taxes. Owing the IRS is scary, especially if you can’t afford to pay back your tax obligations in full. Luckily, there is help. Today, you will learn all about past-due tax liabilities and what affect they have on your […]

The Ultimate Guide To Filing Your Taxes

April 29, 2019

If you made less than $12,000 in 2018, you do not need to file a tax return. However, you may want to file even if you are not required to. In today’s ultimate guide to filing your taxes, we will discuss what you need to file your taxes, why you need to file, and more. What […]

Everything You Need to Know about Tax Resolution

April 22, 2019

In 2009, approximately 8.2 million Americans owed the IRS $8.3 billion in back taxes, interest, and penalties. This is an average of over $10,000 in debt per person, and the situation has not improved. Luckily, there is hope. To learn more about the most effective tax resolution methods, keep reading. Effective Tax Resolution Methods If […]

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