What Are the Penalties for Late Taxes?

January 15, 2023

Tax debt is becoming increasingly common as people struggle with the cost of living crisis and inflation. Unfortunately, failing to pay your taxes on time comes with consequences. You’ll have to pay penalties for late taxes, and in the worst-case scenario, the IRS might garnish your wages or seize your property. If you think you […]

What Tax Forgiveness Programs Are Available to Louisiana Residents?

January 1, 2023

Experts estimate that over 11 million Americans currently have tax debt. If you’re worried about how you’ll pay your federal or state taxes this year, reach out to a Louisiana tax resolution specialist. They will analyze your income, expenses, and past tax returns to figure out which IRS forgiveness program you qualify for. There are […]

Forgot to File Taxes? Don’t Wait for the IRS to Contact You

December 15, 2022

Tax mistakes can happen, and they are becoming more and more common because people are struggling with the cost of living and the changing market environment. If you forgot to file taxes, it’s better to act now than to wait for the IRS to take notice, since you might be able to avoid fines and […]

How to Choose the Right Tax Advisors

December 1, 2022

Every year, many millions of Americans have tax problems. You might have filed too late, not paid your taxes on time, understated your income, or overstated your expenses. No matter if you’re being audited by the IRS or you simply don’t know how you’ll pay your taxes this year, you’ll need to get help from […]

8 Situations Where You Should Get Tax Consultants ASAP

November 15, 2022

Tax problems affect millions of Americans each year. If debt isn’t addressed, it can accumulate, and the government can seize taxpayers’ assets or garnish their wages. People who are worried about their taxes or believe that there is a problem can speak to Louisiana tax resolution specialists. Experienced tax consultants will analyze your accounts, file […]

How Does Buying a New House Change Your Tax Liability?

November 1, 2022

In the US, around 65% of adults own a home. Buying a house or an apartment can help you feel more secure and build up equity. But what are the tax implications of owning a property? Are there any benefits? And do you need to pay for tax resolution services before buying a home? In […]