Everything You Need To Know About Tax Consultants

If there is anything that is certain in life, it’s that you’ll have to pay taxes. For many, this can be a scary and daunting process. The thought of getting audited is enough to make it so many people don’t want to mess with this chore and risk doing something incorrectly. In that case, you might consider working with tax consultants.


A tax consultant is a person or business who provides expert advice to people who are filing their taxes. These professionals are aware of the current tax laws (which can change quite frequently), and they are able to advise you on different strategies so you don’t have to pay more than you owe. Tax consultants also try to reduce your chances of getting audited. They often prepare your tax returns for you, as well as any other documents needed for filing.


Anyone can benefit from going to a tax consultant, even if they don’t have complicated or confusing taxes. Businesses can also benefit from working with a tax consultant, as consultants will ensure tax returns and other documents are done correctly. This reduces the chance of getting audited by the state or federal governments.

If you find that your taxes are more complicated than just filling out a 1040EZ form, then working with tax consultants can be advantageous. Instead of struggling through forms you don’t fully understand, worrying about paying too much or paying too little, you can relax knowing professionals are on the job.

Some other reasons why you might consider working with tax consultants include:

You Found a Mistake on a Previous Return

If you find that any of your returns from the last 3 years have an error, you can work with a tax consultant to correct the problem. This can be beneficial in fixing a mistake that has already been made as well as ensuring that more mistakes don’t happen in the future.

You Live and/or Work in Multiple States

If you recently moved from one state to another or you live in one state and commute to another for work, it can get really confusing to do your taxes. A tax consultant will have the skills and knowledge to get your taxes filed correctly for both states and help you sort out any rules that may be different from state to state.

You Started a Small Business

It’s the American dream to be able to start your own business, but there are a lot of things you need to know to be successful, including your tax obligations. Tax consultants will guide you through this process and answer any questions you might have.

Change in Marital Status

Whether you just got married or just got divorced, either will greatly impact your tax filing status. Working with a tax consultant will ensure that you are making the best choices when it comes to filing after a change in marital status.


More often than not, a tax consultant will hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related field. The position doesn’t require a formal certification, but after years of tax preparation experience, a person can take on an advisory role. That means that the best tax consultants have a degree and years of


If you find that you need tax consultants to help you with your taxes, then contact the professionals at Geaux Tax Resolution LLC today. They can answer any questions you might have and ensure that your taxes are done right.

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