How Can A Tax Consultant Help Me Plan For Taxes In The Future?

If you’ve been searching for “tax consultants near me,” you’re probably concerned about your tax situation going forward. Hiring an expert well in advance is one of the most effective ways of preventing tax debt and IRS penalties. With the help of your Louisiana tax professional, you can prevent issues before they occur and make sure you’re not overpaying.


A tax consultant plays a pivotal role in future tax planning because they can leverage their expertise to devise effective strategies. They analyze your financial situation, offering tailored advice. This involves estimating taxes early based on income, investments, and deductions.

Moreover, they guide you in maintaining accurate records of work, business, and investment expenses, strategically reducing your taxable income. By staying abreast of tax regulations, they ensure you capitalize on eligible deductions and credits. With their insights, you can navigate changes, adjust estimates, and align investments for optimal tax outcomes.

Preventing Tax Problems Before They Occur

Millions of Americans have tax debt, but you can prevent issues by coming up with a tax strategy at the beginning of the year. Start by estimating your taxes based on your income, so you can save consistently throughout the year. To achieve this, your tax expert will calculate your potential tax liability, taking into account factors such as income, investments, and deductions. This preliminary assessment provides a clear understanding of your obligations.

With the help of our calculations, you can set aside a portion of your income regularly in a designated account. This systematic saving method acts as a buffer when tax season approaches, minimizing its financial impact. At Geaux, we will also help you to deal with changes in your financial situation throughout the year. If significant shifts in income or deductions occur, we will adjust our calculations and advise you to change your tax strategy.

Considering Federal and Louisiana State Taxes

A good tax expert helps individuals to understand the complexities of federal and state tax codes, identifying potential synergies and distinctions. One crucial aspect they address is the sequencing of payments—weighing the benefits of prioritizing federal taxes over state or vice versa. Choosing to settle one tax obligation before the other can bring advantages.

By prioritizing federal taxes, you can avoid severe penalties from the Internal Revenue Service, which may hold more extensive enforcement powers than your local government. Conversely, addressing state taxes first is sometimes easier because they are lower. A seasoned tax expert weighs your individual circumstances, such as residency and income sources, to craft a personalized strategy.

Strategic Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning aims to minimize your tax bill and optimize your overall financial health. It starts with a proactive assessment of your financial situation to identify legitimate methods of reducing taxes. Several key strategies can be used. A common one is income deferral, which involves timing the receipt of income to coincide with periods of lower tax rates, which reduces immediate tax obligations.

Expense acceleration involves advancing deductible expenses into the present year to maximize tax deductions. Tax-efficient investments, retirement contributions, entity structuring, and the utilization of tax credits are additional strategies used to minimize tax burdens. Employing these strategies demands an intricate understanding of tax laws and individual financial nuances, so it’s best to collaborate with a tax professional.

Estate and Succession Planning

With estate and succession planning, you can make sure that your assets are transferred smoothly to your loved ones and reduce their tax bill. We often advise our clients to start by creating a will, which outlines how their assets should be distributed after their passing. Another method is establishing a trust, which allows people to set aside assets for specific beneficiaries and manage how they’re used.

Life insurance can also be used to provide financial support to your family after you’re gone. For business owners, a succession plan is vital, ensuring a smooth transition of your business to the next generation. Gift giving is another strategy, where you can give a certain amount of money or property to family members each year without triggering gift taxes.

Retirement Planning

If you want a secure and comfortable future once you’ve stopped working, you have to start planning for your retirement early. For most people, the best way to do this is to contribute regularly to retirement accounts like IRAs or 401(k)s. These accounts allow you to save money over time, and they often come with tax advantages. For instance, with a traditional IRA, the money you contribute may be tax-deductible, which can reduce your current tax bill.

Another smart move is to diversify your investments across different types of assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate. By doing this, you lower the risk of losing a lot of money if one investment doesn’t do well. Considering Social Security is also crucial. The longer you wait to start taking Social Security, the bigger your monthly payments can be.

Tax Law Updates

A tax professional plays a vital role in helping you stay current with ever-changing tax laws. They actively monitor updates from government agencies and are the first to know about new tax laws that affect deductions, credits, and reporting requirements. Then, they translate these changes into practical advice tailored to your circumstances, ensuring compliance while optimizing your strategy.

For instance, in 2023, there have been notable changes related to climate-related deductions. Your Louisiana tax consultants can inform you that there are now increased credits available for home energy improvements and the purchase of clean vehicles. They guide you on how to take advantage of these incentives, ensuring you maximize your tax benefits while contributing to a sustainable environment.


If you’re facing issues such as tax debt or penalties, a tax consultant will assess your situation, helping you understand the root causes of your problems. They can negotiate on your behalf with the IRS to set up manageable payment plans, reduce penalties, or even potentially settle for a lower amount through an Offer in Compromise.

They’ll guide you through the necessary paperwork and communication with the IRS, acting as a buffer between you and the agency. A skilled tax consultant can provide peace of mind amidst challenging circumstances.


To find a tax consultant who can help you to plan for your future taxes, search for “tax consultants near me.” You can utilize online platforms and directories to identify experts in your area. Once you’ve found someone, research their qualifications and experience and check for any disciplinary actions or complaints against them. Then, schedule a consultation.

During this meeting, assess the tax professional’s communication skills, willingness to listen, and ability to explain complex concepts in understandable terms. Inquire about their experience with cases similar to yours and ask for references. Also, clarify their fee structure and ensure it aligns with your budget. Finally, trust your instincts and choose the consultant who demonstrates a solid understanding of your needs and exudes professionalism.

Future tax planning is crucial because it allows individuals and businesses to anticipate and manage their tax obligations, optimize their financial strategies, and avoid surprises. A tax consultant can provide expert guidance in developing tailored tax strategies, navigating complex tax codes, and making informed decisions to minimize tax liabilities. Call us at Geaux Tax Resolution in Louisiana to find out more and schedule your initial consultation.

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