How To Choose The Right Tax Advisors

Every year, many millions of Americans have tax problems. You might have filed too late, not paid your taxes on time, understated your income, or overstated your expenses. No matter if you’re being audited by the IRS or you simply don’t know how you’ll pay your taxes this year, you’ll need to get help from good tax advisors. Louisiana tax resolution specialists can help you with both your federal and your state taxes.

To avoid further problems and reduce your tax liability, select the best consultants in your area. You can start by going through the websites of local firms to find ones that suit your needs. Then, you can book an initial consultation to find out more. The best tax specialists will help you improve your current situation and discuss how to prevent future problems.


If you live in a larger urban area, it’s likely that you’ll have several tax specialists to choose from. Always look closely at their online information to figure out whether the advisors are offering the kind of service you need and whether all employees are highly qualified. The best people to consult are those who have worked with the IRS for many years or even decades.

Not every tax expert will be suitable for every person, so it’s important to consider your personal needs as well as overall competence. While online reviews and recommendations can help you in the initial stages of your search, you will need to speak to the tax professionals in person or via a video conference before hiring them. That way, you can determine whether you will be comfortable working with them on your case for several months.

Check What Issues They Work On

Not every advisor works on the same kinds of issues. Some people specialize in helping small businesses reduce their tax burden, while others work with individuals who have made a mistake or those who are being audited. Before you contact a tax professional, research what kinds of clients they take on and what areas of tax law they have the most experience with.

For example, we at Geaux Tax Resolution mostly work with people who have a tax problem. They might have failed to file or pay their taxes on time, received a letter about an audit, or realized that they didn’t correctly fill out a past tax return. We also help people who have significant debt and are now facing the consequences, which might include wage garnishment or their assets being seized by the IRS.

Check the Background of the Employees

Most Louisiana tax resolution firm websites will have some information about the employees. Read through the “Who We Are” section to find out more about the people who will be working on your taxes. Ideally, choose firms that have hired several seasoned professionals with more than 10 years of experience negotiating with the IRS.

The team leader at Geaux used to be an IRS revenue agent, so he is the perfect person to speak to if you have an audit coming up or you’re facing wage garnishment. We also have several other employees with 10+ years of experience. Everyone who works for us is thoroughly vetted, so they will provide you with the best service possible.

Attend an Initial Consultation

Checking the websites and online reviews of local firms is a great way of finding the two or three best options in your area. But you can’t find out everything you need to know online, and to get a better feel for what the tax advisors do and how they communicate, you’ll need to get in touch directly. Most firms offer an initial consultation, during which you can explain your problem and ask questions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and book your consultation. That way, you’ll be able to evaluate whether the tax experts are competent, good at communicating, and pleasant to work with. Speaking one-to-one with a specialist can also help you to start figuring out your options. Once you’ve explained your situation, the expert will let you know what can be done and how they will help you to achieve the best result.

Ask About the Fees

Getting advice from a tax specialist is often much cheaper than trying to sort out your situation yourself. A good advisor helps you save a lot of money. For example, they might get the penalties taken off your account, help you access the IRS forgiveness program, file your return for you to prevent the accumulation of further fees, and help you safely navigate an audit.

But while your advisor has a right to be paid fairly, they shouldn’t charge you any hidden fees, and the price of their services should be discussed openly. During the initial consultation, you can ask your tax experts how much their help will cost. This allows you to evaluate whether their rates are fair.


People who have filed their taxes on time and don’t have any outstanding penalties on their accounts might not need the help of a tax consultant. But if you have a problem, it’s almost always better to call a professional.

Remember, the IRS has almost unlimited collection power. You need to contact a consultant if you have tax debt you can’t pay off in the next few weeks or months, you haven’t filed your return from a past year yet, or you are being audited by the IRS.

What Happens If I Don’t Get My Situation Sorted Out?

The consequences of not filing or paying your taxes are severe. You might have to pay a harsh penalty, which could amount to 25% of your total balance, as well as interest on your debt. If you owe the IRS a lot of money, this penalty could mean thousands of dollars of extra debt. In the long term, the government could garnish your wages or take away your property, including your savings, your house, and your personal items like your car or jewelry.


A tax resolution professional will start by listening to you and analyzing your situation. They might ask you about your income, your expenses, your assets, and your tax history. Then, they will come up with potential solutions for your problem. If you’re unable to pay your taxes, they will determine which of the IRS forgiveness programs you’re eligible for. You might be able to delay, defer, or even reduce your payments.

As soon as you’ve come to an agreement with the IRS, any collection activity will stop, so your assets will be safe. Your tax professional might also help you to get the additional fees removed from your account. If you’ve never had trouble with the IRS before or you have a valid reason why you didn’t pay on time, such as a death in the family, you won’t have to pay a penalty, as long as you let the government know.

Choosing the right tax advisors is crucial because it affects your results and therefore your financial situation. With the help of a competent professional, you can resolve your tax issue, get out of debt, and prevent future problems with the IRS. Reach out to us at Geaux tax resolution to find out more about us. We offer a wide variety of Louisiana tax resolution services, including help with debt and audits.

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