My Last Tax Advisors Gave Me Bad Advice: What Can I Do?

Over 50% of taxpayers use a professional preparer or specialist to help them file their returns. While most tax advisors are excellent, some are careless or even manipulative. Citizens who’ve noticed a mistake on their return should contact the IRS and rectify it as quickly as possible to avoid negative consequences. Sometimes, reaching out to a Louisiana tax resolution specialist is necessary.


It’s not hard to get a preparer tax identification number and claim to be a tax professional. Although most specialists have the necessary qualifications to provide a good service, some aren’t able to handle complex situations. Occasionally, a preparer even makes a mistake on purpose so they can charge more.

If you’ve been given bad advice, or your tax specialist made a mistake when filing your return, take action. Contact a tax resolution expert now to find out about the potential consequences of the mistake and how to minimize them. The specialist will help you to contact the IRS and let them know about the problem. They might also advise you to file a complaint if you believe that your tax preparer made a mistake on purpose or is not qualified for their job.

Get a Second Opinion

After noticing the issue, call your tax preparer to find out what happened. There could be a tax law you’re not aware of, in which case there might not be a problem. Maybe the preparer made an honest mistake and is willing to rectify it free of charge. If you believe that your preparer isn’t competent or is acting unethically, reach out to a Louisiana tax resolution specialist.

They will analyze your situation and have a look at your return to determine what mistakes have been made. Then, they’ll help you figure out what to do next. Usually, it’s best to contact the IRS as quickly as possible. If you have to pay penalties or extra tax as a result of the mistake, the resolution specialist helps you to access the IRS forgiveness program.

Contact the IRS As Quickly As Possible

File your amended return to avoid negative consequences. If there are any additional fines and penalties, ask your tax preparer to compensate you. Often, service providers who have made a mistake are willing to either pay for the charges or contact the IRS to negotiate forgiveness of the error. At Geaux Tax Resolution, we’re happy to speak to the IRS on your behalf if your previous tax preparer isn’t willing to do so.

If you’ve noticed a mistake on your return, but the IRS hasn’t been in touch, you might be tempted to ignore the problem. While there is a chance that you won’t be caught, this is a risky strategy. The consequences are less severe if you let the IRS know about a problem than if they discover it on their own later on. By taking action, you show that you are honest and willing to cooperate.

File a Complaint with the IRS

Tax preparers who intentionally provide their clients with a bad service need to be reported to the IRS. Fill out Form 14157 (“Complaint: Tax Return Preparer”) if you believe that your preparer did something illegal. You might also need to fill out Form 14157-A (“Tax Return Preparer Fraud or Misconduct Affidavit”) if your tax refund was affected by the mistake.

Ask your resolution specialist for help if you’re not sure whether you should file a complaint. They will let you know whether they think the issue was an honest mistake or intentional. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to take your preparer to court. Unless there are large amounts of money involved, this isn’t usually worthwhile because a lawsuit is time-consuming and costly.

What to Do if You Have Debt

Bad advice can have a detrimental effect on a family’s finances. At Geaux Tax Resolution, we regularly work with people who are in debt because of an unexpected bill or penalty. Fortunately, there are several ways out of such a situation. The IRS offers a forgiveness program that helps taxpayers who are struggling with their bills to either spread out their payments or reduce the amount.

There are several options, but the easiest one is the installment agreement. This involves paying off the outstanding amount over several months or years. Once you’ve come to an agreement with the IRS, you won’t have to worry about collection activities like wage garnishment.


There are many tax resolution specialists in Lafayette and Mandeville. To find someone competent and helpful, start by browsing through the information available online. Check that the tax expert has a good reputation and that other clients are happy with their work. Don’t hire someone before you’ve spoken to them one-on-one. A personal discussion is always the best way to determine whether a tax professional is a good fit.

Browse the Information Available Online

The first step is to browse the websites of local businesses to find out more about them. Carefully read through the biographies of the owners and employees. The best tax resolution specialists are those who have first-hand experience with the IRS. The founder of Geaux, Bryon, used to work for the government, so he is the best person to contact about complex tax issues.

Pay close attention to the kind of information available on the website. Are there informative articles that help you to understand your situation better? Is the firm easy to contact via phone and email? If so, they are probably pleasant to work with and genuinely interested in helping you resolve your situation.

Check Their Reputation

One of the best ways to find out more about a professional is by listening to people who have experience working with them. Check the website for testimonials. If other people use words like “professional” and “knowledgeable,” it’s likely that you’ll have a good experience, too. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for references. Experienced tax advisors are happy to connect you with past or current clients.

Meet for a Live Discussion

Good tax resolution specialists almost always offer initial consultations that allow you to get to know them better. The first meeting is important because it shows you whether the professional is a good fit. Check that they are easy to talk to and that you’re comfortable discussing confidential information with them. Remember, you might be working with your tax professional for several months.

Bring as much information as possible to the discussion. The more details available to us, the better we can figure out what the issue is and how to resolve it. After the first appointment, you’ll know why the mistake happened, what the consequences are, and how we can help you to reduce the impact of your tax preparer’s error.

Most tax experts aim to provide a good service, but not all of them are highly qualified. If you’ve noticed that your preparer has made a mistake, don’t ignore the problem. Reach out to a Louisiana tax resolution specialist right away. The earlier you rectify the mistake, the less severe the consequences. Give us a call at Geaux Tax Resolution in Lafayette, LA to book your initial consultation with Bryon and his team of tax advisors.

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