Tips for tackling your taxes

Most people who have trouble with their taxes never intended to do anything wrong. Common errors can leave you noncompliant and cause stress and headache. Be aware of common pitfalls and know where to turn for help.


Missed deadlines can be the first misstep in the tax process. Did you know if the deadline is missed your unfiled taxes can be considered a form of tax evasion? No agreements or payment plans can be put in place until the taxes are filed, do not delay.

Procrastination adds additional stress to many individuals who do not file their taxes until days or hours before the deadline. Be proactive on your taxes with the help of a reliable tax pro.

Some taxpayers put off filing because, with good intentions, they want to save enough to pay what will owe before filing. Unfiled tax returns can result in large fines and even imprisonment, so be sure to file and seek help from a tax professional to learn about all the payment options available.

Tax professionals can help ensure your taxes are done properly and elevate IRS problems. Help should be sought before the IRS adds penalties or interest to your tax debt. A professional can help you attain penalty abatement.


Everyone makes mistakes. You must keep an honest mistake from snowballing into a major legal and financial crisis. Did you know the IRS has authority to garnish your wages at any rate it chooses? Don’t let it go that far.

Be proactive. Be ready to make the best decisions for you and your family concerning tax credits and tax deductions. Understand the difference. A tax professional can ensure you do not miss any credits or deductions you are entitled to.

Understand student loan options, childcare options, and other issues that could affect your tax breaks. Have you moved? Has your marital status changed?


Over 18 million taxpayers are behind on tax payments. How can you stand out among them and line up the best help available? Seek out the experts at Geaux Tax Resolution.

Headed by a former IRS employee, Geaux Tax Resolution has more than 35 years of IRS dealings. They are experts at the collection process and how it affects you.

Geaux can stop garnishments and levies while helping you devise the best plan for you and your family.


There are ways a tax professional can help you based on your individual needs. It begins with a conversation.

  • Deliberation
    Your tax professional should get to know you personally. He or she must understand the unique details to your tax situation. Every situation is unique, but none are hopeless.
  • Discovery
    A plan of action must be in place to protect your assets and necessities. The plan needs to involve communication with the IRS on your behalf.
  • Dialogue
    Dialogue between your team and the IRS allows negotiation to take place. Once a resolution is established, you can work the plan toward eventual tax freedom.

Your tax professional will let you know when your case has been closed. Take a deep sigh of relief and be ready to get on with your own self and financial wellness.

Being contacted by the IRS is a life-changing event, but it does not have to ruin your life. There are ways to successfully move on.


Let Geaux Tax Resolution’s team of experienced professionals take up your fight. You do not have to go through tax difficulties alone. Contact Geaux Tax Resolutions today.

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