What Should You Do If Your Tax Preparer Made A Mistake On Your Returns?

Millions of people hire a tax preparer to help them file their return every year. But while most specialists do a good job, errors occasionally happen. If your preparer made a mistake, you’ll need to speak to them about it and, depending on the situation, you might have to get a Louisiana tax resolution specialist involved. Mandeville tax resolution, Lafayette tax resolution, or New Orleans tax resolution professionals can show you how to pay back taxes.

For example, they will help you to access the IRS forgiveness program, which allows you to pay off the extra taxes more slowly or to get a part of them removed from your account. Your tax resolution specialist will also evaluate your situation to determine whether the preparer acted unlawfully. If so, you have to file an official complaint. Read on to find out what you should do if you discover a mistake on your return.


Even if you hire an expert to help you prepare it, you are responsible for your tax return, and you’ll have to pay the price if there is a mistake. For this reason, you should always double-check your return before you submit it. If you find a mistake, speak to your preparer at once and ask them to rectify the problem.

After your return has been submitted, it’s harder to amend, but it should still be possible. As soon as you discover your preparer’s error, you should get in touch with them. Discuss the issue and determine how to deal with it constructively. If you can’t come to a conclusion, you might need to hire a Mandeville tax resolution expert, who can help you untangle even the most complex tax problems.

Talk to the Preparer About the Error

The first thing you should do after you discover that your tax preparer has made an error is to speak to them about the problem. There might be a reason why your filled-out tax return is different from what you expected. Since the tax preparer is an expert, they might have inside information, or they might know about new regulations you were not yet aware of.

If there really is an error, you and your preparer can figure out why it happened. Often, problems occur because the taxpayer hasn’t adequately informed their tax professional about their income, expenses, or other relevant factors. In this case, the mistake isn’t the preparer’s fault, especially if the professional let the taxpayer know that some of the necessary information is missing.

Ask the Preparer to Rectify the Error

Once you’ve spoken to your preparer, you can figure out where to go from here. If the expert was at fault, they should rectify your tax return at no extra cost, and they should also negotiate with the IRS to see if any penalties resulting from the mistake can be taken off your account. In some cases, the specialist will award you some additional compensation or waive all fees related to the tax preparation of the year in question.

However, it’s important to remember that not every tax preparer will be willing to compensate you for your losses, and they are often not legally required to do so. Before you ask someone to do your taxes for you, make sure they are qualified and read through the contract carefully. There should be a section about mistakes, which you should study carefully.

Speak to a New Orleans Tax Resolution Specialist

Most tax mistakes are easily fixed, and they won’t cost you a lot of money. But if you were treated unfairly or your tax bill is very high as a result of the preparer’s mistake, you might need to take additional action. You can file an official complaint about a tax preparer who has made a serious error, especially if their mistake adversely impacts your financial situation or your ability to pay taxes.

Your complaint will be valid if the specialist made changes to the return without your knowledge, caused a larger refund due to an incorrect filing status, omitted or overstated your income, created false expenses or exemptions, or redirected your refund. A Lafayette tax resolution specialist can help you determine whether making an official complaint is sensible and how to deal with the financial problems caused by the preparer.


Your tax preparer’s mistake could affect you negatively in several ways. You might have to pay more taxes than expected, which can cause financial difficulties. Alternatively, you might not get the refund you were expecting, or the IRS could have added penalties to your account. So, how can you pay the tax you owe, even if you don’t have a lot of money in your bank account? Let’s have a closer look.

Using the Forgiveness Program

The first thing you should do after you find out your tax bill is higher than expected is to speak to your Louisiana tax resolution specialist about how to pay back taxes. They can help you access the IRS’s forgiveness program, which is designed to either extend your deadline or reduce the amount you have to pay. The easiest option to access is the installment agreement, which allows you to pay the outstanding amount over many months or even years.

During this time, the IRS can’t place a lien on your property or garnish your wages, as long as you keep up with your payments. Another excellent option is the offer in compromise. This is designed for people who can’t pay their taxes in full but are able to come up with some of the money. If you don’t have any money to pay taxes, “currently not collectible” status might be best.

Using Another Form of Loan

The installment agreement is great for people who want to extend the deadline, but the IRS charges interest. Together with your New Orleans tax resolution expert, you can determine whether another form of loan, such as a zero-interest credit card or a personal loan, could be a viable alternative.

Getting Your Penalties Taken Off Your Account

If you file your return late or you don’t pay your taxes on time, you get penalties added to your account. Under certain circumstances, it’s possible to get these removed. This is the case if you’ve never had problems with the IRS before or if there was an unexpected issue such as a severe illness or a death in your family, which caused the delay.


Mistakes by tax preparers can have drastic consequences, so they should always be addressed as soon as possible. A good way to get started is to ask an impartial tax resolution professional for help. You should always choose someone who has long-standing experience negotiating with the IRS.

Ideally, your resolution specialist has worked with the IRS in the past and therefore knows how to best communicate with them. The expert should also have a solid online presence and great testimonials from previous customers.

People who discover a problem on their tax return should speak to their preparer immediately. If the situation is very complex, you might have to get a Mandeville tax resolution, Lafayette tax resolution, or New Orleans tax resolution specialist involved. Call us now at Geaux tax resolution to find out how to rectify mistakes and how to pay back taxes. Our Louisiana tax resolution specialists will be pleased to help you.

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